About Me

My background

Fishing runs in my family, as both my grandfather and my father were keen anglers. I made a start aged 4, catching sticklebacks in a local pond. I was very fortunate in having a father who taught me how to fish and gave me numerous opportunities to try it. We used to drive my mum mad with our fishing chat at the dinner table!

Five decades later, I am still as keen as ever, fishing all year round on lakes, rivers and the sea shore for many different kinds of fish. One of the attractions of angling is that there is always something new to learn. For example, last year I caught two new kinds of fish, bringing my lifetime total to 101 species in the UK. It was the end of a quest that had taken me all over Britain, exploring new locations and learning new methods and skills.

I still enjoy fishing closer to home though, for familiar species like this pike from the Cambridgeshire Fens:

Matt Pierce pike

This was an earlier pike fishing trip, with my father and brother in January 1976:

Matt Pierce early fishing trip


Working as an angling coach since 2017, I have found that many people are interested in fishing but don’t know where to start. Not everyone has an angler in the family to guide them. That’s where I come in!

As a Level 2 angling coach, licensed by the Angling Trust in conjunction with 1st4Sport, I am fully qualified to provide fishing tuition. I have undergone the appropriate training and checks for first aid and safety (including being DBS-checked).

My aim is to help people enjoy their fishing, whether it is just for a day or as a developing interest.

fishing tuition