Fishing books for beginners

While we are all locked down at home, I thought it might be worth sharing some ideas on fishing books. Even in normal circumstances, most people find that work or family commitments mean they can’t go fishing as often as they might like. Not only are books an entertaining substitute for when you can’t get out by the water, they can also help you become a better angler.

Books are especially valuable when we first start out, helping us learn about the different species of fish and the tackle and techniques needed to catch them. I picked up a huge amount that way. Just as importantly, reading made me aware of the possibilities that exist in fishing, inspiring me to try new things and explore new places.

A good first book for a beginner is a fishing encyclopedia, like this one:

FIshing encyclopedia

Here’s another, in the form of a box set this time:

Fishing encyclopeda

You can usually find these encylopedias in the sports sections of bookshops (or online of course). Typically they cover the main branches of angling – coarse, trout and sea – with explanations, pictures and diagrams. Be aware though, some of these books have a rather international or US perspective. UK anglers can still learn a lot from them but will probably do better initially with something produced here. If you are buying online, you might get an idea about this by previewing the text or reading the reviews.

You will also come across more focused instructional books, covering just coarse fishing say, or maybe a specific kind of fish. Some are more aimed at beginners than others, but either way they are bound to add to your knowledge. In fact, nearly all angling books old and new should have something to offer. You can often them pick up second hand in charity shops for a couple of pounds.