School Holidays

Fishing as a school holidays activity in Hertfordshire or London

Fishing is an excellent school holidays activity, at any time of year. Youngsters seem to take to it straight away, perhaps because it is exciting and unpredictable and involves contact with nature. There is an element of mystery; who knows what is under the water? Fishing is a way of finding out.

As well as having a lot of fun, your children will benefit from fishing by:

There is also a kind of X factor involved which is hard to put into words – you have to try it to experience it.

father and son fishing lesson

Getting started

lesson with me is a good starting point (at one of my locations in Hertfordshire or London). You will need to attend (taking part, ideally). Think of it as an investment in your children’s future; by encouraging them to try fishing you might be sparking an interest that will last a lifetime.

I teach people to fish independently and safely, so if your children take to it, they will be able to entertain themselves during the school holidays. Your options will depend on how old they are. It will be down to you to organise trips for your younger ones, and this will be enjoyable for all of you. Once you are by a lake or river, you don’t have to fish all day; try pond dipping, paddling, going for a walk or having a picnic.

Older children may be able to go fishing without adult supervision. It’s a great way for them to spend time with their friends. You can drop them off before work and pick them up afterwards, or they may be able to cycle to the venue or use public transport.

fishing lesson

An inexpensive and absorbing hobby

There are many places where fishing is free, including park lakes and stretches of publicly owned river, while most commercial fisheries offer concessionary rates. You don’t need to spend much on tackle or bait. In fact, your children can save money and have fun at the same time by making bits of fishing tackle or collecting worms for bait.

When your kids are out fishing, they will be actively engaged in what they are doing and they almost certainly won’t be bored. When they’re not fishing, they can read about it – there is a lot of fishing literature, both old and new, that they will enjoy discovering.

girl fly fishing

Family fishing

Parents and children can go fishing together with an equal chance of success. Sharing the triumphs and failures along the way creates a genuine and lasting connection.

Should you go away on a family holiday, then fishing is a good activity to slot in alongside the usual beach trips and sightseeing. At the seaside, you may be able to catch mackerel to eat. Inland, you could explore the moorland lakes and streams. Everywhere you go in the world, there are opportunities to go fishing. The skills I teach are applicable anywhere.

family holiday fishing


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