Some like it cold

Late October, and overnight temperatures dropped close to freezing at times. Together with the clear water conditions (due to the summer algae dying off) this slowed the fishing down for a while, with the roach in particular seeming to disappear.

North winds made it feel cold. You have to sit still when you’re waiting for a bite and I’ve been advising people to wear more layers than they would just going for a walk. Get the clothing issue sorted and it’s a great time to be out and about:

Westmill lake in autumn

Ryan and Tyler came for a lesson and caught fish on three different methods – whip, waggler and method feeder. On the whip they mostly caught perch:

Waggler fishing is a good way of improving casting and tackle control skills. It demands concentration and application:

Just a few hard-earned roach turned up on this method:

Waggler caught roach

Towards the end we got the method feeder rod out and this quickly paid off with a 3lb 13oz bream for Tyler:

Bream for Tyler

Not to be outdone, Ryan caught another of a similar size. Bream are shoal fish so it’s quite common to catch a few at a time:

Bream for Ryan

Sport gradually picked up over the next few days as the fish apparently became accustomed to the colder conditions. Suzanne and Noah had quite a busy session with perch and roach. Here is Suzanne with a 12oz perch.

Suzanne and perch