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Frances Meegan – Jake (13) – coarse fishing – 22-Sep-2018

“I had been promising to take my 13 year old nephew fishing for some time so was delighted to come across Matt’s website.  When we arrived for the lesson Matt had already set up all the equipment and chosen places to fish so there was no hanging around. Matt is a great teacher, clear, calm, patient and passionate about fishing.

My nephew who had been nervous about ‘not being any good’ was soon baiting hooks and fishing, when he caught his first fish, the first of many, he was absolutely delighted. Although the weather was cool and drizzly, when our 3 hours were up he asked if we could stay for another hour.  Four hours and not an electronic device in sight – wow!

My nephew told me it was one of his best day’s ever and from my perspective worth every penny.  Thank you Matt!”


Cassie Tabone – Sonny (13), Tommy (11), Raphi (13), Luca (11) – coarse fishing – 23-Aug-18

“The boys all had a great time and learnt so much, they can’t wait to go fishing again! Matt was very patient and made the lesson very enjoyable.”

T‌‌im Walker and Joel (14) – coarse fishing – 27-Jul-18

“Joel and I had a great day out, learned a lot and caught loads of fish.  Matt is a patient and skilled teacher and it is a fantastic experience; not just learning to fish but simply experiencing something new.”

Anthony Shatz – coarse fishing – 14-Jul-18

“We would thoroughly recommend Matt. He is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and patient, and my son and I really enjoyed our morning with him learning to fish.”

Clair Jackelman – coarse fishing – 30-Jun-18

“I arranged a 3 hour fishing lesson with Matt for my nephew’s 11th Birthday and for my daughter aged 13. Neither of them had fished properly before.

On a beautiful Saturday morning we met Matt at Westmill Farm, Ware. The children felt at ease with Matt and he showed great experience in fishing and his tuition was interesting and age appropriate. Matt provided everything they needed for their experience. The children started to get very excited once they started to catch fish. They both said they would like to do it again.”

Tarun Sharma  –  coarse fishing  –  17-Jun-18

”I’ve always wanted to learn how to fish but never got around to it. This fathers day, my wife surprised me and booked me a beginners lesson with Matt. 

It was truly an amazing experience. Matt is very personable, professional and thorough, he teaches you the basics in a very simple and enjoyable way. Within just 20 minutes of basic training we started catching fish, and it just got better and better as the day progressed. Even my wife and 6 month old had a great time observing from the sidelines.

It was a fantastic afternoon, I really learnt a lot and I had lots of fun. I will definitely be booking more lessons in the future. Matt is highly recommended, you won’t be disappointed!!”

Pierre Bay (28) and Catia Albuquerque (26)  –  coarse fishing  –  02-Jun-18

“My girlfriend and I joined Matt for a fishing experience as we both love the idea of fishing but have never really fished before. Matt was extremely helpful during the booking process by explaining all the different options and tailoring his advice based on what we wanted to experience most (learning and catching some fish). He even went as far as picking us up when we got stuck reaching the location.

The 3 hours of fishing with Matt was not only informative it was exciting. He walked us through the key concepts from why you pick a fishing location to prepping, to catching a fish. It was particularly empowering for us as I feel we understand enough of the fundamentals now to go out fishing and hopefully catch some fish. Our particular session comprised of hands-on practical fishing broken up by guides on how to rig and handle your hook, tie knots and different ways to cast. All were key in creating the understanding of how every step if done right sets you up for a more enjoyable and fruitful day of fishing.

Considering the 3 hours felt too short as it tends to when you are having fun, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience with Matt and have already made provisions to book future classes. In the end, what made the day and experience of learning and catching fish so enjoyable was Matt himself. His passion for fishing, his approach to teaching and his general company made it all a day to remember.”

Tim Bittlestone (40)  –  coarse fishing  –  10-May-18

“I had a fantastic afternoon fishing with Matt. Having not fished since childhood I was slightly anxious about effectively starting from scratch. His enthusiasm and knowledge were infectious and instantly put me at ease. A patient and thorough teacher, he swiftly brought me up to date with modern equipment and techniques and the time just flew by. I can’t wait to get out there again and will return for more instruction regularly. As well as one to one coaching, he provided comprehensive written materials for further learning. For anyone, whether new to fishing, or experienced and just looking to hone their skills, this is the absolute gold standard and I simply can’t recommend him enough. Thank you, Matt.”

Nadira Dmello on behalf of Omar Dmello (14)  –  coarse fishing  –  07-May-18

“Omar has been going on about what a good day he had. He did not think anything should have been done differently! He just had a thoroughly good afternoon – thanks very much for making it possible!

We look forward to booking another session in the summer.”

Adrian Kerr and Imogen Kerr (13)  –  fly casting and fly fishing  –  07-May-18

“Matt’s thorough and patient approach saw my 13 year-old daughter Imogen progress from absolutely zero experience in the tricky art of fly-casting to hooking a fish in just a few hours total.

What is fabulous to see is how his thoughtful approach has, if anything, made Imogen even more enthusiastic and determined. He’s right; it’s not just about the fishing itself but the ever-rarer chances we get nowadays to engage with nature in a meaningful way and learn a life-enhancing skill along the way.

We’re already looking forward to our next session in a couple of weeks. I’d recommend Matt to anybody thinking about getting into fishing, fly or otherwise.”

Greg McKinnell (42) and Oscar McKinnell (9)  –  coarse fishing  –  22-Apr-18

“Thanks to Matt for a great 3 hours of fishing! Perfect weather, great location and a very patient teacher.

Myself and my 9 year old son spent the morning learning everything from how to rig a line, making groundbait, watercraft, how to care for fish and, most importantly, how to catch them! Just the right balance between theory and practice and the handouts to take home were a great reminder of some of the things covered in the lesson.

I should have known it was going to be a good morning when my son caught a rudd within 15 seconds of our first line being cast! Lots of silver fish taken out of the lake over the lesson and topped off by catching a beautiful bream as our final action.

I would highly recommend Matt to anyone who wishes to either learn fishing from scratch or wants to top up their knowledge and experience. Matt is a patient, thorough and clearly successful fisherman. Great morning all round.”
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Mike Radcliffe (42)  –  fly casting and fly fishing  –  20-Apr-18

“You covered everything I could have wished for in a very short space of time. I found it a well structured lesson and nicely tailored to my upcoming session on the River Test. Lots of helpful hints throughout that should, all being well, result in me having a successful and enjoyable day.”

Daniel Presland (30)  –  coarse fishing  –  11-Apr-18

“I had some previous basic whip fishing experience, as this was a pastime I’d enjoy each summer with my father. I had never really got involved with the set up and was happy to let my father take the reins on that side of things. Eventually I realised, however, that this was something I really wanted to push further with and so, with a little professional help, I would aim to up my angling game and learn to step out on my own.

After a little research, I found Matt. He seemed like a well-rounded instructor with a wealth of knowledge. After some initial conversations about my previous experiences and what I wanted to get out of the lessons, we were away; fishing down at Rib Valley in Hertfordshire. Matt showed me plenty of different fishing techniques including using a whip, the waggler method on a float rod and the method feeder on the feeder rod.

We started out slowly, catching a few roach. By the end however, with Matt’s guidance, I managed to catch a lovely 2-3lb bream and a whopping 7lb common carp. This was the largest fish I’ve caught to date, so suffice to say, I was over the moon. I would not have believed this would have been possible, being such a novice to these new methods of fishing, but Matt, with an obvious plethora of knowledge and skills, combined with the patience and understanding to help others, was a fantastic teacher. Knowing he was there by my side, gave me a greater sense of confidence in myself.

I would recommend Matt, 100%! He is a true gent, a great angler and an all round fantastic instructor. I myself hope to have many more successful lessons with him.”

Tess (22)  –  fly casting  –  06-Mar-18:

“Matt was approachable and it was easy for me to ask him questions. He explained the ideas and techniques coherently, and listened to me. I was impressed with how much fun it was since we didn’t even fish – the satisfaction of getting a cast correct surprised me.

Rich Walker (45)  –  coarse fishing  –  13-Feb-18:

“Ever since my whimsical childhood fumblings with rod and fly, I’d been meaning to have a proper go at fishing. I felt privileged to go with Matt to one of his secret spots in the Cambridgeshire Fens.

Matt took care of every detail and made sure it was a memorable experience. He is a master of his craft and happily also a patient teacher, keen to share his deep knowledge and passion for fishing and the outdoors. His skill is paired with calm good nature and a sense of humour, which is important in that game.

I cast to my heart’s content and soon found myself blissfully lost in the moment. I couldn’t have cared less about snaring a wily beast of the deep (I did, by the way). Highly recommended – big thanks Matt, look forward to the next outing.”

Andrew Groves (50)  –  coarse fishing  –  06-Feb-18:

“I knew very little about coarse fishing having only fished a few times for sea fish from the breakwater in Guernsey on Summer holidays.

I had a great morning fishing for chub on the river Thame in Oxfordshire with Matthew. He taught me a lot in a short time. We covered casting techniques, how to set up the tackle, the best spots to fish, which baits to use, how to move up and down the river bank without frightening the fish away and much more.

We were rewarded with several decent sized chub, including two weighing in at around 4lbs. Beautiful fish! I should also mention that Matthew has great respect for the fish and showed me how to handle them carefully when catching and releasing.

Matthew clearly has a huge depth of knowledge built up over many years and a great passion for the sport. I can recommend that you book a few sessions with him. You will certainly learn how to fish properly and be more successful.”