Windy Westmill Lake

It was pretty windy on a recent visit to Westmill Lake and I was initially plagued by floating catkins that were being pushed here and there by the breeze:

Catkins on Westmill Lake

These catkins were either preventing the bait sinking or catching on the line when I reeled in. Sometimes they would disappear for a while, only to come drifting back again. Despite managing a few roach and perch I quickly ran out of patience with the floating menace and decided on a move.


Walking round the lake, there were some signs of spring, despite the rather cold conditions. Hawthorn coming in to leaf:

Westmill hawthorn

Blackthorn flowering:

Westmill blackthorn

On the other side of the lake the wind was blowing right to left, sweeping any catkins away. A cross wind often renders waggler fishing futile by dragging the float sideways, but somehow I managed a half-decent presentation. A run of  roach kept me busy for a while:

Windy Westmill Lake

Then I caught a colourful rudd:


With the breeze pushing into my end of the lake it seemed likely bream would be around, so I rigged up a groundbait swimfeeder with a small worm for bait. It was a matter of watching the rod tip for bites:


Probably an hour later there was a deliberate pull on the rod tip. Chucking down my float rod (which I had been keeping busy with in the meantime), I grabbed the feeder rod and struck. Something on the other end put up a solid, plodding resistance with an occasional flash of bronze underwater. A bream:


Later on a perch picked up the worm:


In the late afternoon, some rain squalls came through and the temperature dropped sharply. Perhaps as a result of this, the fish seemed to switch off completely, with no more bites on either method. Time to head home for a cup of tea.